Funny And Unusual Riddles

Whether fun, humorous, childish, complex or almost indecipherable, riddles and / or puzzles already tortured the brains of our ancestors in Antiquity, thousands of years ago. By directly appealing to our ingenuity and spirit of reflection, they consist in discovering the hidden meaning of a problem or an affirmation. So, do you want to test the logic and common sense of your circle of friends and / or wow the gallery during a family reunion? Trust Jokes-de-Papa. Funny, irresistible, and unusual, the puzzles of Jokes-de-Papa are the guarantee of great moments of entertainment with friends.

What is a riddle?

Generally, we guess by a riddle a sentence, formulated in the form of an assertion or a question, stating a problem to be solved in Malay this is called teka teki. There are countless riddles: a pure and simple enigma, which consists in pronouncing a sentence in a deliberately metaphorical way, so as to hide the solution of the problem behind a hidden meaning and / or a double meaning; but also classic questions, such as “Who am I?” “,” What is the difference between X and Y? “. The objective is always the same: to test the logic, common sense, and the spirit of reflection of his interlocutor. If all the riddles do not necessarily have a humorous vocation, most of them are based on a pun, a play on words, a specific connotation – whether in the question or in the answer.

Where do the riddles come from?

If it is so difficult to determine the true origins of all these riddles and riddles that make us laugh on a daily basis, it is that it seems that man has always had fun with this type of humorous assertion. All cultures are in fact concerned, from the Pharaohs of Egypt to Greek and Roman Antiquity.

One of the most famous riddles in history dates back to Greek mythology and comes in the form of an enigma to solve: the famous anecdote between Oedipus and the Sphinx. It is said that the Sphinx, defender of Thebes, jealously guarded the access to the city and prevented everyone from entering it unless he solved a riddle now well known “Who has four legs in the morning, two noon and three in the evening? ” If this riddle in question does not have a humorous vocation (the answer is Man, the times of the day being an analogy of the different stages of life), it remains one of the most well-known puzzles in mythology. Proof, if any, of the almost timeless character of riddles.

Jokes-de-papa’s riddles

The riddles selected by Jokes-de-papa are among the most hilarious and popular ever formulated. Funny, humorous, and unusual, they promise you good laughs in perspective, with friends or family. So, do not hesitate to consult the wide selection of riddles that Jokes-de-papa offers you here, choose the ones you like the most, and become the king of the pun with your loved ones.

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